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How to Get my Protein in? Bariatric Edition

Old buzz words = Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, Opti fast, Weight Watchers, Vegan, Vegetarian. New buzz word = High Protein Diet Yes, folks, it’s all about the protein today.  Will this also go out of fashion?  Maybe, Probably?  If…

Free 7 Day Bariatric Meal Plan

I know that meal-planning can be overwhelming.  Doesn't have to be..... Who says we can't repeat meals?  This eliminates food waste and it's a great way to spend LESS time in the kitchen. All the portions here are measured out with…

Vacation Stress? Bariatric Edition

Call it a vacation.  Call it work.  Call it a work-ation … I always have the very BEST intentions – and then “French fries and bagels” happen. This blog touches home because I am coming off of a “work-cation” – a little bit of…

Stress Eating? – Bariatric Edition

Lost Your Focus? Bariatric Edition Where are my clients who are one year PLUS post-op bariatric surgery? This is for those people who are currently struggling.  I understand. It’s easy for the “bariatric newbie”…

Upgrade Your Granola – Bariatric Edition

Crunchy Granola.  Who doesn’t love a bowl of this on its own with milk? Don’t you love to sprinkle this stuff on your cereal or throw some in your smoothie? Are you worried about the sugar and carb count in your granola?  If so, try…

ObesityHelp National Conference 2022

Why should you attend?  It’s for Bariatric Patients – That’s Why. You’ve probably seen my posts online over the past week regarding the “ObesityHelp National Conference 2022” from September 30th to October 1st. …
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