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Who’s a Winner, You’re a Winner.

We Are All Winners with Bariatric Surgery We are all winners. Don’t lose focus that the goal isn’t to be the next supermodel, but to be healthy, happy and fit. If we never get to a size 4, but end up at a slim size 12 or 14 and no longer need insulin, blood pressure medications […]

What’s Up with the Plateau ?

Relax, You’re A Staller!  After surgery we all go through the same categories. You haven’t hit a wall, you’re just a Staller. It is normal for you to be second guessing your decision in these early weeks as you haven’t lost enough weight to justify the surgery. The benefits have not yet tipped scales in […]

Eating out after Bariatric Surgery

Have a Plan of Attack for the Restaurant All Restaurants Have Websites. Friday’s, Olive Garden and Outback has over 100 different things to order on their menus. The time to decide what you’ll be eating is not necessarily at the table with your Waiter standing over you describing the Pasta special and talking up the […]

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