Sheri Burke – Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Sheri Burke is a Bariatric Coordinator and Registered Holistic Nutritionist RHN who specializes in Bariatric Nutrition.  She has worked for over a decade facilitating and coordinating for bariatric clients traveling to Mexico for surgery.  She works with clients pre and post surgery to ensure that they reach their nutritional and weight loss goals.  

Sheri has a background in administering surgery centers in Mexico and was appointed CEO of the company International Patient Facilitators in 2008 which specializes in the coordination and facilitation of bariatric procedures in Mexico.  She provides clients with the education they require to make a well informed decision to travel abroad for their surgical procedures and she has presented at several international bariatric informational seminars. 

When scheduling through International Patient Facilitators, clients receive nutritional guidance and professional facilitation services with Sheri Burke and her team.  Sheri enables bariatric clients to meet their nutritional requirements for optimal health pre operatively and post operatively.



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