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Dental del Norte” is a dental clinic with a progressive team of specialists who use the best reliable treatment methods and proven technologies in their work..

¿Why more?

Because we know that you had a bad experience in the past when choosing a dentist and suffered with the treatment.

“It’s sad but REAL.”

Many of our patients have let us know and we feel a great responsibility that our new patients see, feel and live a TOTALLY DIFFERENT dental experience.

“Dental del Norte” is a team that combines experience, youth and energy, to provide the best techniques and procedures of the frontier, which today is much more than just successful specialists and professional dental surgeons.


  • Cleaning Ultrasonic $100.00
  • Extraction Simple $80.00
  • Filling Tooth colored $80.00
  • Root Canal Treatment One canal $200.00
  • Root Canal Treatment Multiple Canal $250.00
  • Wisdom surgery Each $200.00
  • Whittening In office $120.00
  • Whittening In home $150.00
  • Crown Porcelain fused to metal $250.00
  • Crown Full porcelain $350.00
  • Crown Zirconium $450.00
  • Veneer Composite $150.00
  • Veneer Porcelain $350.00
  • Implant P/m crown included $1,500.00
  • Denture Full, acrylic $400.00
  • Endodontic post + build up $120.00