Posts From February, 2017

Processed Foods Post Op?

Let’s chat about Processed foods, which have been the hot topic of many a nutrition discussion lately. What’s the concern? It has become the victim for numerous illnesses, from obesity to heart disease, cancer to diabetes. As food preparation has gotten easier and more convenient over the years, the quality of many foods has decreased. […]

Post Ops – Take the Stairs!

Are you someone who decides to take the stairs every day to get to your office?  Or are you someone who waits 5 minutes for the elevator to take you up a few flights? We all take the elevator from time to time.  Maybe it’s because you just had an awesome leg workout, had a […]

Habits of Successful Bariatric Patients

I’ve had the priveldge of working with bariatric surgery patients for a decade (at the time of this post). During this time, I’ve learned what habits my most successful patients change in their life, and stick to long-term. I try not to “get on my soap box” too often when I’m counseling pre-op patients, but at […]

No Dining Out Challenge

Okay Bariatric Pre Ops and Post Ops, so before you start making excuses and complaining how busy you are this week or that you can’t cook, hear me out! Eating at home does require more time and effort, but can we talk about some of the positive sides for a few minutes instead?   Homemade […]

Bariatric Post Ops, Snack Responsibly

 Post Ops, snacking is very important! Snacks have such a bad reputation… and for a good reason considering what MOST people consider a snack!   Between the stops at the vending machine and the grab-and-go at the gas station- most people are grabbing whatever is fast, sugary, and convenient.   However- if you’re doing it […]

Time to Talk about Sugar – Bariatric Patients

Hey Bariatric Pre Ops and Post Ops!  Are you craving sugar ?  Let’s chat… Do you know how much sugar you eat during the day (be honest!), and then use ingredient labels or simply Google how many grams of sugar each food has and count.  The World Health Organization recommends about 25g (or less!) added sugar […]

Rise and Shine and Eat Breakfast Please. Bariatric Patients

Are you one of the 12% that don’t eat breakfast or one of the more than 50% of people who skip it at least once a week!?  Post op bariatric patients need to take breakfast very seriously please. I’m sure you’ve heard this a hundred times….but breakfast REALLY is the most important meal of the […]

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