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Medical Tourism Tijuana

Tijuana is without doubt established as the world capital for medical tourism. The close proximity to its sister city of San Diego has helped this development and now leading surgeons in fields such as bariatric and plastic surgery and dentistry are established in this booming city. Due to its perfect connection to the US and Canada, it has become the most advanced centre of Medical Tourism in Mexico and in the World.

Tijuana Mexico is undoubtedly the Medical Tourism Capital of the World. Thousands of patients across the US/ Tijuana border daily for procedures such as: Affordable Weight Loss Surgery, Dental Procedures and Cosmetic Surgery.


Medical Tourism Cancun

Cancun, Mexico a modern city and centre of medical tourismCancun has come a long way in its 43 years of existence. From a former sleepy little Island, it developed into one of the most modern and advanced cities in Latin America. Almost Six million visitors arrive each year in an average of 220 flights daily.

Due to this perfect connection to the US, Canada and Europe, it has become an advanced centre of medical tourism in Mexico. Cancun is the number one destination in the Caribbean. Thousands of those visitors come to Cancun to undergo medical treatments including Weight Loss Surgery, IVF, IVF with Donor Eggs, Dental Procedures and Cosmetic Surgeries.

Cancun’s growth is part of the story of medical tourism, when patients travel geographically region to undergo some sort of medical treatment while simultaneously taking a vacation. People looking for inexpensive medical treatments, sometimes as much as 70% less, can get the same quality treatment while relaxing and recovering in the sun.

Cancun, Mexico is the perfect destination to have your Weight Loss Surgery, IVF, IVF with Donor Eggs, Dental Procedure or Cosmetic Surgery performed. It is a safe, attractive destination while being the Medical Tourism Capital of the Caribbean. Patients can simultaneously relax and recover on the beaches of Sunny Safe Cancun.

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