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In most cases, you can request your records directly from your doctor or from the hospital medical records

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Affordable Weight Loss, Cosmetic, Fertility & Dentistry Surgery In Mexico

Medical Travel and Medical Tourism for many years has been a very popular trend. Patients are choosing to travel south of the border to Mexico for affordable medical care. Mexico is now the Medical Tourism Capital of the World with more patients crossing the border every day for safe and effective treatment.


18 years of experience and over 10,000 procedures

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Affordable IVF and IVF with Donor Eggs in Cancun

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High Quality, Affordable Dental Treatments in Mexico

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Cosmetic Surgery Programs in Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico

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Take your time and research your doctor here. We have included full curriculums, fellowships, awards and continued education from each Doctor and Surgeon who works together with our patients. You are also able to connect with your doctors directly to ask questions and gain education regarding your specific questions and concerns.

Bariatric. Fertility. Dentistry. Cosmetic.

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Get in contact with recent and former patients and learn first-hand how you too can get affordable treatment in Mexico.

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Thank you so much for everything. My results are fabulous!

Cheryl Reimer

Thanks to you and the wonderful Dr V for giving me back my life. Will always treasure you.

Franda Graves

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