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Stress Eating? – Bariatric Edition

Lost Your Focus? Bariatric Edition Where are my clients who are one year PLUS post-op bariatric surgery? This is for those people who are currently struggling.  I understand. It’s easy for the “bariatric newbie”…

Upgrade Your Granola – Bariatric Edition

Crunchy Granola.  Who doesn’t love a bowl of this on its own with milk? Don’t you love to sprinkle this stuff on your cereal or throw some in your smoothie? Are you worried about the sugar and carb count in your granola?  If so, try…

ObesityHelp National Conference 2022

Why should you attend?  It’s for Bariatric Patients – That’s Why. You’ve probably seen my posts online over the past week regarding the “ObesityHelp National Conference 2022” from September 30th to October 1st. …

Sheri’s Fat Fast – Bariatric Edition

I’ve seen a lot of posts on our FB group recently about “getting back on track”, “fasting”, “seeing the scale move in the wrong direction”. Hey!  Do you need a small push or something to rev-up weight loss again?  Well, here it is.  If…

Find Your Why – Bariatric Edition

Why did you have bariatric surgery? Just to lose weight? What is your “why”? Where are you on your bariatric journey?  Are you actively losing weight? Stalled out?  Where do you want to be?  Not where you want to be?  Talk to me. I want…

Beyond the Scale. – Bariatric Edition

More to measure than only one number. I chat a lot with my bariatric clients.  I spend my mornings/ afternoons, on the phone with them, and when I am not on the phone, I am texting and writing emails to them.  My life is very…
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