Don’t Restrict, Replace – Bariatric Edition

I think that restriction sucks. It’s so hard to spend our lives restricting everything.  Don’t eat unhealthy fat. Don’t eat unhealthy carbs. Don’t eat too much sugar. Don’t drink alcohol.    Don’t Don’t Don’t. I am tired of all the things we are not supposed to do. I am tired of constantly restricting everything. There […]

Super Easy Sugar Free Snacking – Bariatric Edition

Who needs a snack right now? Man o Man, I need a snack – like a few times a day right now.    What’s a girl to do? I tell you what, I have caught my hand reaching for the Frito Lays a few times a day. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.   I have everything in […]

Pre Op Plan Post Op Bariatric Edition

Should I follow my Pre-Op Bariatric Plan to get the scale moving again?   I hope your days are getting a bit longer with a bit more sunny bits and that your temperatures are getting warmer. It is almost mid-March. I woke up last Sunday feeling fantabulous! I could not understand for the life of […]

Be a Big, Bad, Bariatric Boss – Bariatric Edition

  What’s a “Bariatric Boss”?    In my definition, it is a client of mine who decides to take over their health and learn about good nutrition, good sleep patterns, staying active, being positive AND sharing these things with our entire bariatric community.   I see every day as an opportunity to improve my nutrition […]

My Favorite Food – Bariatric Edition

  Finding My Way Back ,,,   This is one of those topics that I cannot write enough about. It is a topic that plagues all of us. Our favorite foods.   Many years ago, when I first started working with bariatric clients, this was something that we just didn’t talk about. It wasn’t on […]

Low-Carb Minus the “Crazy” – Bariatric Edition

I like the title of this blog.  When I first got the idea to write this blog (back over 6 months ago), I originally titled it (in my head), “Keto without the Crazy”.  I have changed the name to “low carb” because for me, Keto really has gone CRAZY?  What originally was a fantastic way to […]

Transformation, Enthusiasm, and Bariatric Surgery – Bariatric Edition

  What Comes Next?   Real Transformation, Enthusiasm, and Bariatric Surgery.   Do you see all the before and after pictures? Can you believe all those pounds lost? It’s like two different people!   The person reading this right now… you may even be one of those amazing transformations that I am talking about. You […]

Acknowledging Regain Post Weight Loss Surgery – Bariatric Edition

  I like this topic.  I like to hit it straight on and discuss it because regain does happen.  I don’t like to dance around this subject.   I have this great job of helping my clients get prepared for their weight loss surgery procedure.  They are nervous and excited and ready for a big change […]

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