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Getting Enough Fiber After Bariatric Surgery

Getting Enough Fiber After Bariatric Surgery ?

Why should bariatric patients take fiber and how much should they take?
Fibre is something that we hear about all of the time. We should be getting over 25 grams per day.  Why is this ?  and will the same recommendations be made after bariatric surgery ?    Below I have listed some of the reasons to include fiber in your diet as part of your healthy nutritional plan post bariatric surgery.
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Fiber Can Prevent Constipation 
Yes, we are going to go there !  I answer a lot of questions each day about bowel movements and I can tell you that many post op patients are not getting sufficient fiber in their diets.   Daily dietary fibre will increase the weight and size of the stool as well as soften the stool.  A bulky stool is easier to pass, decreasing your chance of constipation.  If you have watery or loose stools, fiber can help to solidify the stool because it adds bulk to the stool and also absorbs water. Add fiber into your diet slowly in order to avoid intestinal gas and the other side effects.  You will also need to drink plenty of water when you increase your daily fiber intake.
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Fiber Can Help With Weight Loss
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Fiber foods can take longer to break down in the digestive system.  This makes you feel full for a longer time period.  When you eat high fiber foods, they can take more time to chew and this will enable you to slow down your pace at meal time and allow yourself to consider how full you really are.
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Fiber Can Control Blood Sugar
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Fiber can slow down the absorption of sugar, and for those people with diabetes, it can help improve your blood sugar levels.  Consuming high fiber foods can also reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes.  Even though bariatric surgery can resolve type two diabetes in bariatric patients, adding foods rich in fiber can even further reduce the risk of experiencing a reoccurrence of type two diabetes.
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So we all agree that Fiber is terrific but how do we add fiber into our daily nutrition ?
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Here are a few ideas: Add a Fiber Supplement / Whole Grain is Best / Take Advantage of Ready to Use Precut Fruits and Vegetables/ Add Beans, Peas and Lentils
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For a fibre supplement: try Bariatric Food Expert Fiber Gummy
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  • Nurtures Your Digestive Health Naturally
  • Keeps Food Moving Through Your System
  • Great Tasting
  • Helps Maintain a Healthy Immune System
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Get A Bariatric Expert Fiber Supplement  HERE
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About the Author: Sheri Burke is a Registered Nutritionist and Bariatric Coordinator at International Patient Facilitators in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. She has worked with bariatric surgery patients for 10 years and especially enjoys providing nutritional guidance to pre and post bariatric patients.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two teens and cooking up a nutritional storm in the kitchen.

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