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Keto and Fasting – Bariatric Edition

Going into the New Year with big resolutions is something that a lot of us do but the reality is that it is not so easy to follow through.  Even though we have the very best of intentions, we often slip and that’s because we don’t have what we need to succeed. Hands up if […]

Best Bariatric Diet in 2019 – Bariatric Edition

Hello and thanks for clicking through to my blog post today about the best diets for 2019.  I think that I may have used the word “Diet” in the title in order to get your attention.  The reality is that I don’t believe in “diets”.  Diets mean restriction and they also mean that you lose […]

Holiday Food Blues – Bariatric Edition

The holidays are upon us and with that brings the parties and events and family gatherings.  Most of us are food focused and thinking of the holidays immediately brings to mind all of the delicious food that will be served when our family and friends gather together.   Let’s chat about how it feels after […]

The Holidays After Weight Loss Surgery – Bariatric Edition

Once again the holidays are upon us – quickly approaching are the festivities and all the parties and family gatherings.  There are piles of social events and work related events and the delicious food and drinks that accompany them.  This is the time of that year that it is so easy to pile on a […]

Things to consider when weight loss stalls

Well it has been 3 weeks and the scale hasn’t budged.  You know how it feels.  You feel discouraged and frustrated and upset and you don’t know what you are doing wrong. First things first – Relax!  Having the scale stall and sit at the same weight for a few weeks is completely normal. Next […]

Thanksgiving Hangover – Bariatric Edition

Let’s just lay all our cards on the table: After Thanksgiving we all have food hangovers. You may call it something else but the bottom line is that it is a bunch of symptoms that make you feel awful after a big holiday meal.  Some call it bloating, nausea, stomach upset, and a feeling of […]

Keto? it is right for me? – Bariatric Edition

What’s the deal with the low carb/ high fat rage going on today and is it for bariatric clients?  Let’s explore this topic and I will give you my thoughts on this super popular keto diet.  I get asked about the ketogenic diet all the time from our bariatric clients so let’s dive into it. […]

Snacking vs Grazing – Bariatric Edition

I really like this topic as I think it’s important to discuss the difference between “what is a snack” and “what is grazing”.  When talking about the first year post weight loss surgery, all of the bariatric protocols and post op guidelines have some things in common – there is a time for drinking liquids, […]

Dumb Bariatric Surgery Myths – Bariatric Edition

Dumb Bariatric Surgery Myths There is a ton of information today online and it is very easy to make assumptions when it comes to bariatric surgery.  Bariatric surgery can be life changing and it can also save your life.  It allows you to lose a great deal of weight by way of a tool which […]

Foods Keeping you Overweight – Bariatric Edition

Are you a bariatric calorie counter ?  Do you believe that it all comes down to “calories in vs calories” out?  Have you not hit your bariatric goal or are you struggling to maintain or have you had a regain? Not all foods are the same when you see how they have an impact on […]

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