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Snacking vs Grazing – Bariatric Edition

I really like this topic as I think it’s important to discuss the difference between “what is a snack” and “what is grazing”.  When talking about the first year post weight loss surgery, all of the bariatric protocols and post op…

Back to Basics – Bariatric Edition

I am always talking about getting “back on track” and what I mean by that is getting “back to the bariatric basics”.  How do we go about that ?  Well, let’s have a little talk about what we need to do to get mentally and physically back on…

Protein Debate: Bariatric Edition

So much information out there.  So much “misinformation” out there also.  So what’s a bariatric patient to do ?  You’ve taken the important decision to improve your health and to lose weight and eat better and the media is telling you to…