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Celebrities Who Have Had Weight Loss Surgeries

We see celebrities as people to look up to—the glitz, the glam, and all that fame is irresistible. However, just like anybody else, the stars also experience real life problems, such as weight loss struggles.

If you’re considering gastric surgery for your weight loss problems, then take encouragement from the fact that some celebrities have done it too! Not only have they opted for surgery, but they’ve yielded amazing results too!

Gabourey Sidibe

Star of the popular movie “Precious” and a member of the cast of “Empire”, Gabourey Sidibe is one celebrity to have opted for bariatric surgery. She underwent a lap-band surgery and wrote about it in her memoir. Her reasons were due to the fact that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and wanted to minimize the risk of other health complications.

Sidibe has always been a firm advocate for self-love and body positivity, but doesn’t regret her decision to go through with the procedure. She believes that it was the right decision for her, and not an easy way out—rather, it was a solution to a worrisome problem.

Rosie O’Donnell

Former talk show host Rosie O’Donnell’s decision to lose weight was sparked by an almost fatal heart attack in 2012. While she initially tried to do it through diet and exercise, she found that vertical gastric sleeve surgery turned out to be the way to go.

She believes that those who suffer from morbid obesity should certainly look into surgery as a viable solution. While everything was not smooth-sailing after her procedure, it certainly made a whole world of difference.

Randy Jackson

Who hasn’t heard of Randy Jackson, a long-time judge on “American Idol”? He opted for gastric bypass surgery as well, due to his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis back in 2001.

After his surgery in 2003, he went on to lose up to 113 pounds. He still continues on the weight loss journey, learning to navigate his relationship with food.

Mama June Shannon

Reality start Mama June Shannon underwent a major makeover, and it all started with a gastric sleeve surgery in 2016. While she also underwent other cosmetic procedures, she keeps a handle on her binge-eating to sustain her weight loss after the surgery.

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