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Processed Foods Post Op?

Let’s chat about Processed foods, which have been the hot topic of many a nutrition discussion lately. What’s the concern? It has become the victim for numerous illnesses, from obesity to heart disease, cancer to diabetes.

As food preparation has gotten easier and more convenient over the years, the quality of many foods has decreased. Many important nutrients have been processed out. Concerns have also arisen over food additives and preservatives. Living in our fast paced society, convenience and ease are very important to many people, however, so is the quality of the food they consume. So, is it possible to still include processed foods into a healthy post op bariatric diet?


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The key is to always be monitoring what you are eating and how much you are eating.. Many easy high protein foods are processed foods, such as deli meat, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, canned tuna and even chicken breast or ground beef. Frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are also examples of processed foods that can be included in the diet post weight loss surgery, but should be monitored for sugar and sodium content.  Always choose those options that have no added sugar or sodium, when available.

Choosing more of the minimally processed foods will undoubtedly serve you better in the long term, as heavily processed foods will have more of those characteristics that are more likely to sabotage weight loss, than aid it. Now, does that mean you can never have a TV dinner or frozen pizza again? No – it is ok to have some flexibility in your diet, however, it is important to keep these items to a minimum, opting for the least amount of processing most of the time.

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