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Habits of Successful Bariatric Patients

I’ve had the priveldge of working with bariatric surgery patients for a decade (at the time of this post). During this time, I’ve learned what habits my most successful patients change in their life, and stick to long-term. I try not to “get on my soap box” too often when I’m counseling pre-op patients, but at the same time…I want them to succeed so I love sharing with them what habits they should focus on to get the most out of their surgery.

Here are some of my favourites:  

  • They make changes before they have surgery
  • They have a good support system 
  • They plan out their meals and have a  shopping routine
  • They try new recipes and keep variety in their diet
  • They keep a consistent sleep schedule
  • They find alternative sources of joy other than food
  • They make long term changes the focus of the journey
  • They increase their activity levels 


This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Surgery is a wonderful tool but don’t let the “honeymoon period” lie to you.  Quality food and quality decisions for your health is always the answer.  Always.

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Much success in your journey.

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