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Eating out after Bariatric Surgery

Have a Plan of Attack for the Restaurant

All Restaurants Have Websites.

Friday’s, Olive Garden and Outback has over 100 different things to order on their menus. The time to decide what you’ll be eating is not necessarily at the table with your Waiter standing over you describing the Pasta special and talking up the 8000 calorie bomb ‘Triple Hamburger with 2000 calorie dish of lip smacking dipping sauce. Almost all restaurants have websites and full menus online. Look at the menu in advance to get an idea of what appetizers or entrees will work for your surgery. It’s a lot easier knowing before you arrive that a small house salad comes with the meal and that you can order the Special Sirloin with broccoli instead of a special deal on fried chicken wings. If your restaurant stop is “last minute” unless you’re at a Pancake House, there will be a Shrimp Cocktail.  This is a “go to food” of proper bariatric eating.

Do I qualify ?

It’s cool to ask if you can have broccoli instead of baked potato,  the burrito served ‘naked’ without the tortilla,  your dressing on the side, to bring your shrimp appetizer with everyone’s entree, or have him take away the water glass so you don’t sip it with your food. 

Decide to be the best possible you and make the best possible decisions.

See if you qualify for Bariatric Surgery by completing this form.

Much success in your journey.

International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
On behalf of Dr. Sergio Verboonen
1 800 210 5124 

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