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Amerimed Cancun


The Amerimed in Cancun is a fully equipped, private hospital in the best area of Cancun. Our state of the art facility has been designed for patient safety and comfort and can accommodate emergency, ongoing, general and elective care procedures.

Amerimed is a part of a network of hospitals located in the main tourist destinations in Mexico, where quality medical service services are provided based on US and Canadian standards.

We have excelled at Amerimed in Cancun for more than a decade.

Amerimed is a recognised leader and professional provider of optimal medical service and care for residents and travellers both domestic and International. Our first priority is to provide patients with the medical care they deserve and expect.

Galenia Cancun


The Galenia Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital located in Cancun, Mexico. Founded in 2006 we offer state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical centre. Our commitment to the highest standards in service and technology combined with compassionate and expert care follows our philosophy of exceeding expectations for our international patients.

Private rooms and suits are luxuriously appointed to promote the comfortable recovery of our patients.

Together with our distinguished doctors, nurses and staff, we indulge our patients in every way we can to ensure their comfortable and speedy recovery.

Hospiten Cancun


The Grupo HOSPITEN (HOSPITEN Group) is an international network of private hospitals, with over 1,000 beds, committed to providing high-level health care services. We see over 600,000 patients every year. The result of our commitment can be seen in our twelve hospital centres located in major cities and tourist centres in countries such as Spain, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

All of our centres are equipped with the latest technological innovations in the medical and management fields, and are staffed by a team of recognized professionals providing the top-level healthcare services that characterize the HOSPITEN Group.

Our mission is to provide integral healthcare services aimed at patients of all kinds in an international context. To do so, we have top quality premises and technology, as well as the very best teams of staff both personally and professionally.

Victoria Medical Cancun


Cancun, Mexico, is famous for its varied culture and lovely beaches. The Victoria Surgery Center in Cancun, Mexico has one of the best Bariatric Surgery Programs with the outstanding Bariatric Team of Dr. Sergio Verboonen. This surgery centre has wide-ranging facilities for bariatric surgery procedures. This surgery centre provides bariatric surgery in Cancun. Victoria Surgery centre caters to patients from all around the world.

Top Notch Surgery Center Specialising in Bariatric Surgery in Cancun, Mexico

At the Victoria Surgery Centre in Cancun, Mexico we are a team of professionals caring for all of your health needs. Our mission is to provide International and National patients with top notch quality and the very best service and care. Our vision is to serve our community and to provide high-quality medical service with a team of highly trained doctors and surgeons. We offer a full bariatric program at the Victoria Surgery Centre.

BARIATRIC PROCEDURES AT VICTORIA SURGERY CENTER WITH INTERNATIONAL PATIENT FACILITATORS – IntraGastric Balloon, Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Plication, Mini Gastric Bypass and Full Gastric Bypass Procedures.

Our International Patient Facilitators are here to help you!
  • Connecting you with the best surgeons
  • Finding you the best-priced package
  • Helping you booking your flights and hotel
  • Picking you up at the airport
  • Assisting you during the hospital admission
  • Being with you for the pre-op preparation
  • Assisting you after the surgery

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Our team of patient facilitators is as international as our patients and are professionals from the US, Canada and Mexico. We speak your language and our main goal is to help you in finding the right treatment at a price you can afford. The primary benefits for you by using our service are significantly lower costs for best practice care and immediate availability of procedures. Contact us today!

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