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Duodenal Switch Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery (also known as Vertical Gastrectomy or VSG) is a weight loss procedure that purposely restricts the amount of food that you can eat because you feel full more quickly. Our advanced surgeon, Dr. Sergio Verboonen, utilizes the double-buttress technique that prevents leaks, pouch enlargement and failure and at a very affordable price.

In this procedure, a thin, vertical sleeve of the stomach (approximately eight inches long) is created using a stapling device and the rest of the stomach is removed. Food passes through the digestive tract as usual and is fully absorbed into the body.

​Mexico gastric sleeve patients experience significant weight loss and improvements in their health. Weight loss outcomes are comparable to gastric bypass.


How Does It Work?

Through initially designed for acute obesity correction, these days this process is carried out on people with low BMI as well. This surgery is performed with the help of a laparoscope, so there is no major incisions on the body. A small part of the stomach that is responsible for the secretion of “hunger hormones” is removed with the help of the laparoscope. This reduces your hunger pangs. The leftover portion of the stomach is sealed with staples.

This surgery is much less complex than other surgeries like the mini or full gastric bypass surgery. In Gastric Sleeve Surgery, the pyloric valve and small intestine are left intact. This surgery does not involve any implants or insertion of any medical device.