Piling your plate post bariatric surgery

Do you pile your plate ? Do you go for smaller servings or do you pile up your plate ?  Which one do you do ?   What we don’t understand is that portion sizes have more to do about our habits and less to do with actual hunger. Are you eating far too much […]

Water and Protein are vital post bariatric surgery

Here are the bariatric rules for water intake: To eliminate waste and to keep cells, hair and skin hydrated – drink your water.  Drink at least 64 ounces of sugar free beverages per day.  Remember to stop drinking fluids 15 minutes before a meal and not to combine fluids together with your meal as it […]

Getting Enough Fiber After Bariatric Surgery

Getting Enough Fiber After Bariatric Surgery ? Why should bariatric patients take fiber and how much should they take? Fibre is something that we hear about all of the time. We should be getting over 25 grams per day.  Why is this ?  and will the same recommendations be made after bariatric surgery ?   […]

Bariatrics Tips to Feel Your Best

Sometimes we just need to stop and hit reset after weeks of over indulging, coming off vacation, or life getting in the way of healthy eating habits.  Here are some tips to get you back to feeling your best no matter what life throws at you.  Try to incorporate these ideas, one a week or […]

Bariatric Surgery, Ketogenics and You.

What if there was a way for bariatric clients to eat High Fat/ Low Carb … Are you close to your goal weight or stalled out ? maybe hit a plateau ? On the fence about adding Keto to your bariatric journey or looking for a way to get started? Then this email is for you… […]

Life getting hectic?

Too much to think about and do? Yeah, I definitely know that feeling, which is why I want to give you 3 simple tips to stay calm and stick with the plan during the tough times: 1. Don’t feel bad about having cheated a bit with your new food regime… That doesn’t mean it’s OK to eat […]

Post Holiday Support Bariatric Edition

 Wow, we did it and we have made it to the beginning of 2018.  We made it through all the parties and all the Christmas eating and now all of our thoughts will turn to diets and how to shed the lbs we put on over the holidays.  We are already being bombarded with the […]

Gastric Bypass Tips For A Better Recovery

Start Walking Start walking right after the surgery without delay. Take it easy in the beginning but don’t sit & wait for the pain to go away.   Follow Your Post Op Diet Follow your diet plan because it is designed for post op patients and will keep you healthy while you heal post surgery. […]

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Why Are People Traveling To Mexico for Bariatric Surgery?

United States has earned its reputation overtime for providing some of the world’s best medical services. But the medical innovations are not restricted to the United States only. Similar procedures, surgeries, tools and medication have traveled throughout the world and are provided in an equally advanced way. The only difference between United States and the […]

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