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Understanding Red Flags Of Bariatric Surgery

At International Patient Facilitators, we help those seeking affordable medical care find experienced staff and well-equipped facilities. People from the U.S., Canada and other countries have frequently visited us for these procedures, throughout our 17 years of experience.

Sometimes, we come across some horror stories too. Patients were lied to about the medical procedures, qualifications of the surgeons and other similar dishonest, and in some cases, harmful acts.

Whether you seek to undergo bariatric surgery in Mexico or anywhere else in the world, here are a few red flags you should never ignore!

  • Exaggerated successful outcome claims¾all surgeries carry a risk and every case is different. Having a 100% success rate or a figure close to that is highly improbable.
  • Claims of years of surgical experience that can’t be documented. If there are no records of hospitals or medical facilities they’ve worked with, don’t assume they’re speaking the truth. You can’t risk a medical procedure by believing in hearsay.
  • Emphasis on cosmetic aspects of weight loss¾obesity and excessive weight gain is a medical problem that can lead to serious health disorders. Weight loss surgery is often treated as the last option.

It’s an invasive procedure and requires extensive commitment on part of the patient. If a facility emphasizes more on its cosmetic aspects, they likely don’t understand the disorder and the seriousness of the procedure.

  • Beware of the billboards¾while advertisement work for medical professions, if someone has to rely completely on billboards to attract patients, they’re likely not experienced enough to perform your surgery. Take reviews from former patients; it’s better than relying on advertisement.
  • A frequent change in hospital/facility of practice is another red flag. Surgeons are often affiliated with one or more hospitals and medical facilities. While changing their venue of practice is common among junior and senior surgeons, complete transfers are rarely seen. Most often, you’ll find surgeons offering services in a list of medical institutions.

It’s better that you do your research. You can find several reliable medical facilities and hospitals in Mexico that offer quality care to patients. In fact, you can find a list of hospitals and treatment centers at our site.

If you’re considering weight loss surgery, we can help you choose the right medical procedure. Here’s a list of surgeries you may be eligible for:


Make an appointment today with IPF for quotes and further information. We have a streamlined process, helping you opt for a suitable bariatric surgery procedure.


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