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A Patient’s Experience With Bariatric Surgery

It’s been a tough time trying to lose weight. I have had weight issues since I reached puberty. Since then, I have tried everything. Diet, physical activity, routine exercise, and calorie restriction, but I was never able to reach my weight goals.

Then, I came across gastric surgery options. Although I was skeptic at first, I decided to conduct more research. First when I went to my GP to see if I was eligible for a gastric bypass, the cost of the procedure deterred me.

My insurance didn’t cover it and it cost more than what I was paying for my car! Three years down the road, I travelled to Mexico and went through the surgery with the help of International Patient Facilitators.

Preparing before the surgery

It’s important that you have all the information before you go to the operating room. Dr. Sergio Verboonen and his team helped me understand the procedure in detail, explained what I should expect after the surgery, and how I must commit to a weight loss plan to achieve my goals.

There are two important things that everyone undergoing weight loss surgery must know:

First, the surgery itself isn’t a quick fix. It helps you eat less and lose more weight but only if you’re proactive in your diet plan and exercise routine.

Second, you can still gain weight post-surgery. It’s a tool not a cure, as many surgeons will tell you. While you will lose weight over the next 2 to 18 months, you might also gain some of the weight you lost down the road.

A little bit of weight regain is common. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you’re on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Continued discipline and commitment to yourself can help you win the game!

Undergoing the surgery

Like everyone else, I was skeptical about going to Mexico for the surgery. But the medical team and hospital facility helped me adjust to the uncertainty. Their extensive surgical experience and well-equipped facilities are most important reasons I chose IPF.

My procedure went successful. I came back home after I got a green signal by my doctor. They had informed me about what to expect in the starting few days and prepared a complete nutritional guideline for me to follow.

Surgeries are not free of risks. Infections and other problems may occur in some cases. But the medical staff had guided me well to look for signs of trouble and informed that I should feel free to contact them anytime.

Even now, they continue to check on me from time to time. I’m glad I chose IPF for the procedure. The surgery has lead to better quality of life and my body feels more energetic than ever before.

Anyone looking for bariatric surgery in Mexico will find IPF team very helpful, assisting throughout the procedure.


Feel free to share your victories and struggles in our Facebook group. I would love to connect with you.

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International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
Dr. Sergio Verboonen and Sheri Burke – Bariatric Coordinator and Nutritionist.

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