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Relationships After Bariatric Surgery

Relationships after Bariatric Surgery can change so it’s important to have a good hard think about this and to be prepared as you get ready for your new life changing experience to occur.

Let’s talk about the “positive side” of Weight Loss Surgery First :  you are going to feel a whole lot better and you are going to look a whole lot better.  The people you meet may treat you differently and with more respect.  Your bosses may also treat you more favorably.  People may be more physically attracted to you.

Let’s talk about the “negative side” of Weight Loss Surgery now:  Once you have been discriminated about because of your weight, you will never forget it and nowsex after bariatric that people are “nicer” to you, you will be keenly aware of it.  This can lead patients to ponder about how they can handle this type of fat shaming now that it no longer applies to them.

Another thing that patients need to consider is “how will the people whom you have known for a long time see you now” ?  How will they take the new improved you ?  Will they feel happy for you or will they feel a bit envious ?  Could your husband or wife feel jealous now that you are attracting more attention ?

It’s encouraged for patients to reach out and to discuss this topic prior to their bariatric surgery.  Having a plan of action can also help.  Get involved in support groups online and if you can in person also.

Enjoy this important time but be prepared for the highs and lows involved with your weight loss surgery journey.

Bariatric Options:                                                       Medical Form

Gastric Balloon                                                        
Lap Band
Mini Gastric Bypass
Full Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Plication Surgery
Conversion or Revision Surgery
Duodenal Switch Surgery

dr. sergio verboonen
              Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Much success in your journey.

International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
On behalf of Dr. Sergio Verboonen

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  1. Candy says

    I had surgery a few months ago and so far my relationships have not changed much – My husband is very supportive and my friends and bosses are also supportive. Maybe as I get closer to my goal weight, things will change a bit. Thank you for this information. It is something important to think about.

  2. Miranda says

    I found that my relationships did change after my surgery. First of all, I found or better “felt” like there were people waiting and watching for me to fail? this was something very strange and new to me. I did not fail and I managed to lose over 100 lbs – and now I feel like people are watching and waiting for me to gain the weight back ? I don’t know, maybe it is all in my head but I know one thing – I am not going back to 300 lbs ever again !

  3. Kenneth says

    I got a divorce 2 years after I lost 120 lbs – I really do not think it was anything to do with my weight loss but rather some other difficulties we had in our relationships even prior to surgery. Thanks for your blog – you do have very good information.

  4. Tori says

    The best thing I ever did for myself. I found that my relationships got stronger and better because my self esteem was so low before my surgery. I didn’t want to spend time with my family and friends because I felt depressed being so overweight. It was a very sad cycle I was on. Now I go out with my friends and do things with my family. My relationships have improved on every level.

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