Duodenal Switch Surgery

The duodenal switch surgery available at our Tijuana practice has proven to be one of the most effective forms of bariatric surgery available. The revolutionary surgical procedure helps patients lose weight quickly and keep it off. The surgery combines restrictive components with a malabsorptive element, which will help you reach your long-term weight loss goals. If you weight has gotten out of control and you want to reclaim your health, our team can help put your weight loss plan into motion.

An In-depth Look at Duodenal Switch Surgery

During duodenal switch surgery, Dr. Sergio Verboonen performs a partial gastrectomy to reduce the size of the stomach. The resection is created along the elongated side of the stomach to restrict the stomach’s capacity to hold food. The normal function of the organ isn’t compromised; rather, only its size is reduced. Unlike other gastric bypass procedures, the pyloric valve and the duodenum will remain intact. The preservation of the pathways will allow food to pass through the stomach and intestines with ease, and your body will be able to absorb a healthy amount of nutrients throughout the digestive process.

Additionally, during duodenal switch surgery in Tijuana, Dr. Verboonen will rearrange the layout of the small intestine to differentiate the flow of food from the flow of stomach bile and pancreatic juices. By adjusting your small intestine, our bariatric surgeon can restrict your caloric intake while your food breaks down in your digestive tract. Fat absorption will be limited throughout the process as your food makes its way into the large intestine.

Advantages of Duodenal Switch Surgery

There are multiple advantages of undergoing duodenal switch surgery compared to other bariatric surgery procedure. Some of the advantages include:

Patients are able to eat normal, healthy portions of food without difficulty (e.g., a small steak, chicken salad, pasta)

Food is able to be properly digested

The ability of the stomach to function is not impaired in any way. Because the pyloric valve remains intact, patients are unlikely to develop dumping syndrome, ulcers, and blockages

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk of obesity-related diseases and help to relieve symptoms of any conditions your currently have

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with this bariatric procedure. Dr. Verboonen will evaluate you and your medical history before recommending a treatment plan. We are always honest with our patients, which is why we provide them with unbiased information about all of our surgical and non-surgical bariatric treatments. In doing so, we can help them feel confident in their decisions regarding their treatment.

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