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Let’s Chat Protein Basics

“Eat More Protein” – are you tired of hearing about it ?

Let’s Chat Protein Basics 

The worn out bariatric expression “Eat More Protein” – are you tired of hearing about it ?  Let’s break it down so you too can become the protein pro !

Protein can be found in which foods ?

You can find protein in chicken and fish and meat.  For our fellow vegetarians, and those who are less then thrilled about eating meat, some protein options are: eggs, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and beans.  

So how much protein do I really need ?

It’s important to aim for 60 to 80 grams of protein per day.  If you have a kidney issue it may be significantly lower so ask your nutritionist who specialises with bariatric patients to get you the correct protein prescription for your specific case.

Can I eat too much protein ?

It’s easy to get up to 80 grams of protein per day if you are drinking two protein shakes, along with various servings of protein per day.  It’s important to know that your body is not able to absorb more than 30 grams of protein in one sitting so if your shakes or bars or meal replacements are promising you more than 30 grams per serving – don’t believe that your body will absorb all that protein at one sitting.

How important is protein really ?

Let’s just say that you need your daily protein for repair work and cell building/ transportation.  If you don’t feed your body sufficient protein, it’s going to take it from your muscles where protein has been stored.  Doesn’t it just make more sense to eat your protein instead of stealing it from your own body ?  

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