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Cost Of Weight-loss Surgery – Is It More Expensive in the U.S or Mexico?

In comparison, medical treatment in Mexico costs substantially less than they do in the U.S. But before we dive into the details, let’s explore the exact estimate.

Countries Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastric Sleeve Surgery Lap Band Surgery
United States $24,600+ $19,500+ $15,000+
Canada $20,000+ $19,000+ $21,000+
Mexico $6,900+ $4,500+ $4,500+

As you can see, the estimates differ greatly when compared with the costs of bariatric surgery in countries like the United States and Canada.

Why is Bariatric Treatment in Mexico Inexpensive?

  •  Lower Cost of Living

A doctor’s salary in Mexico is a lot less than that of doctors in the U.S. Smaller salaries equal lesser rates, which in turn, lowers the cost of bariatric procedures.

  •  Less Paperwork

While the United States does require a lot of paperwork before treatment even starts, Mexico simply requires the most crucial of documents, eliminating the need for paperwork.

  •  Larger Facilities

Facilities in Mexico are much larger. Many physicians are able to share the expenses associated with the use of a medical practice. The same cannot be done in the United States since the facilities are privately owned.

  •  Lower Malpractice Insurance

If a patient sues a surgeon in Mexico, they only receive compensation for the losses that were caused due to actual damage. That is quite different than the United States, since patients may file a lawsuit against their surgeons for actual and punitive damages as well.

  •  Less Expensive Tests

Basic medical procedures like urine tests, blood work and other forms of examination cost a lot less in Mexico. In addition, the cost of prescription drugs is relatively less than other countries as well.

Understanding Medical Costs

Due to the above factors, the lower costs of surgery in Mexico explain itself. Thanks to their own policies and influx of professional medical examiners, Mexico presents itself as a hub of quality healthcare.

However, keep in mind that this includes only medical fees. Air travel, food and lodging may increase the total cost. Nevertheless, that would have to depend on your living and travel choices.

Consider Mexico for Your Bariatric Procedure

If you’re thinking of choosing Mexico or Tijuana for your weight-loss procedure, allow International Patient Facilitators to guide you. We are a trusted source, helping patients seek medical assistance. Call us today at 1 800 210 5124.

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