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Looking For a Good Bariatric Surgery Facility in Mexico? These Essentials Will Help Find You One

Traveling to another country for a weight loss surgery can no doubt be intimidating.

There’s no denying that.

Similarly, there is also no denying the fact that the world is getting smaller; more and more people are now choosing to visit Mexico for Bariatric Surgery, to receive the same level of expertise and care that they would have received in the U.S.—at practically half the cost.

Not sure where to start looking? That is where International Patient Facilitators comes in.

What Makes a Bariatric Facility Reliable?

  •  Reputation

When gathering information, find a facility that has a good reputation online. Check their reviews and start making notes of the smaller details. From surgeons and hospitals to medial tourism company, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need so you can make a quick decision.

  •  Certified Surgeon

This is important. Your surgeon needs to be certified in order to practice in Mexico. They need a license issued by the Mexican government and need to display enough experience. Again, you will have to rely on research to learn about the team of doctors and nurses that will be assisting them during the surgery.

Complication Rate: Having performed thousands of bariatric procedures in their career; it’s highly unlikely that they never had to deal with complication. Find the surgeon’s complication rate and protocol for serious complications.

  •  Reliable Hospital

Is the hospital set up for any emergency situation? Is it certified?

Check out the hospital using a mapping site and make note of how the hospital looks through street view. Keep in mind that the hospital may be smaller than what you are used to in other countries.

  •  After-Care Facilities

Although you can’t expect hotel-style after care facilities, you will need to know if the facility offers the most basic amenities. Check their website and reviews to know if they staff qualified nurses, and determine where you will be staying for the days after your procedure. Also check if there are any security issues in the area and find out if they offer 24-hour security.

  •  Check Our Website

As a reliable medical tourism company, we’ve listed some of Mexico’s most talented surgical teams and professionals for your convenience. Our mission is to provide you with the best information and sources so you can locate not just the most affordable health care service, but also the best.

If you’re seeking a reliable bariatric weight loss facility in Mexico, we urge you to contact us and let us guide you.

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International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
Dr. Sergio Verboonen and Sheri Burke – Bariatric Coordinator and Nutritionist.

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