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Pouch Rules for Patients

Pouch Rules. Let’s chat. The pouch rules are often overlooked once a patient is further out from his/her bariatric surgery. Yet the rules are one of the most important tools to use for maintaining long-term success after surgery. If you haven’t been using this tool, now is the time to take it off the shelf and use it to perform its intended task

A common problem is bariatric surgery patients who, after a year or two out from their surgery, plateau at a level above their goal weight or regain some of their initial loss. These patients need to return to the pouch rules: Fill themselves quickly with hard to digest foods, water load between meals, and increase exercise.

The pouch works best when the outlet is not too small or too large, and the pouch itself holds about 1 ½ cups at a time.  By following the pouch rules, it doesn’t matter what size the pouch ends up.  The feeling of fullness with one and a half cups of food can be achieved.  This will help you to achieve lifetime management.

Learn more about our Bariatric Program in Mexico here.

Much success in your journey.

International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
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