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Bariatric Journals

Reasons to keep a food and fitness journal

Understand your habits.

Writing down the foods you eat during the day is a proven method to promote bariatric success. It is a simple task that can help you understand your habits and target problem areas you may have.

Do I qualify for bariatric surgery ?

  1. Keeps you accountable – it sounds crazy, but having to write it down makes you not eat those Hershey Kisses
  2. Shows you your habits – you may not notice how often you eat peanut butter from the jar until it’s in writing
  3. Helps you track your program – you will see good patterns and the holes to patch, such as not enough water
  4. Help you to see what works – does a protein drink for breakfast stop your late night snacking?
  5. Help you to see what doesn’t work – does not taking lunch from home decrease your pounds lost?
  6. Makes your goals seem more real – writing down total pounds gone is a proud moment.
  7. Shows you are serious about your health – not being sick becomes more important as we mature Helps you keep track of your vitamins
  8. Helps you keep track of your workouts – No Movement is the cause of widespread bariatric regain. Choose a workout & do it.
  9. Helps you keep track of your motivation – involvement increases motivation!

Much success in your journey.

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