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Too Much Chicken? – Bariatric Edition

Bariatric Chicken Rut – How to stay motivated with chicken, chicken, and more chicken?
Are you sick of chicken? Do you get bored with eating the same things over and over again? When we eat how we are supposed to eat – with a diet of whole, live, fresh, natural, good quality food, it can at times seem like “all we eat is chicken and veg”. When this happens, it’s a slippery slope because we start to long for foods that are not considered “our best options” while actively trying to lose weight, maintain weight or maintain our healthy blood glucose levels and insulin levels.
 it triggers insulin to respond and to flood your body to grab a hold of that excess glucose and to get it into your cells where it needs to be. This creates rising and falling blood sugar and insulin. Up and down and up and down and hunger follows the same trajectory. 
This was just the super “easy to understand” science behind why we need to limit processed carbs and sugar. It was just meant as a simple reminder.
Back to chicken lol 
I teach my bariatric clients to PRIORITIZE PROTEIN. Chicken is a handy protein. It is one of those foods at the top of the list for most of my clients. How much chicken can one person eat? When I get into a “check rut”, I try to get into other protein options like beef, eggs, fish, seafood, greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. Still, chicken is going to be high up there on the list so let’s get our “chicken game on”!!
I am going to give you 10 amazing recipes that you can rotate through that are high in protein (chicken) and full of flavor and pizazz! I dare you to tell me that you are bored with chicken. What happens is that we get bored with how we prepare chicken. Chicken can take on the flavor of whatever we want it to so getting some new recipes with some big bold flavors and really up the ante and make chicken a fun food again.
Another idea is to swap out the chicken in these recipes for shrimp, salmon, seafood, or beef. You can mix and match. Trust me, the chicken version of these recipes are low carb, flavourful and delicious and you can make the recipes for your entire family.
If you do make one of my recipes, make sure to tag me on Facebook with a picture of your recipe or share it with our “closed support group”.
Download the 10 chicken recipes HERE
I hope you enjoy the plan and meals.
Healthy Hugs, 

About the Author: Sheri Burke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Bariatric Surgery Coordinator at International Patient Facilitators in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. She has worked with bariatric surgery clients for over 10 years and especially enjoys providing nutritional guidance to pre and post bariatric clients.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two teens and cooking up a nutritional storm in the kitchen.

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