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The Seasonal Survivor Guide

How to stay healthy on the run up to Christmas.

Who doesn’t get overwhelmed with all we have to do at Christmas and the entire “run up” to it?  Who doesn’t end up feeling absolutely stressed and worn out ? which leads to over-consumption of calories, mostly because we need more energy.  Another issue is that there is food piled high everywhere we turn – boxes of chocolates in the office room or festive cookies in the staff room.  All these sorts of temptations and the fact that they are enormously high in sugar can be the contributor to a 5lb weight gain which can be really hard to lose.  Wouldn’t it be terrific if we could avoid the inevitable “Detox January” ?

How can we keep on track both with our nutrition and with our stress levels without depriving ourselves ?

Plan In Advance:  If we can do ourselves the favor of getting our list making and shopping done in early December or even in late November, you are going to feel much less pressure as Christmas looms.  If you like to send out Christmas cards, then write them during the end of November – that’s one less job to take care of in December!  If you are going to entertain your friends or family and you have decided to have people stay over at your place for Christmas please remember that YOU TOO much enjoy yourself and not just be looking over everybody else.  This is your celebration also so please enjoy yourself.  Make a solid plan of what you are cooking and serving to your guests with plenty of time to spare.  You can even get your ingredients online wherever possible.  Also get your invites on board to arrive with some of the food items and also to participate with the food prep and setting of the table and clearing the table and cleaning up – this way you are not doing it all by yourself.

Pay Attention To What You Are Eating:  If you are going out to a party, remember not to go hungry and to always eat a protein source with a healthy fat in order to feel satisfied and not to arrive and immediately overindulge.  Prior to leaving the house, have yourself a boiled egg with some butter or some natural yogurt with a handful of seeds.  You can put some natural nuts in your purse in the car on the way to the party and this will help you not over-do the carb-rich canapés which will be circulating the room or on offer.  Take advantage of the protein, vegetables and salads and if the party is held at a restaurant.  You can get a soup to start with (no bread please) and if you want to have dessert, share one with a friend.

What Shall I Drink :  Unfortunately, alcohol is a recipe for re-gain so always drink in moderation.  When we are buried under stress it is easy to reach for some wine at home and when we are out and not having to drive home, it’s easy to sip sip sip the wine of cocktails instead of the glasses of water.  If you are having trouble with moderation, have a long drink like a weak vodka and soda or a whisky and soda and they are not sugary carbs.  If you choose to have wine, spritz it down with soda and skip the cocktails and sugary spirits.  Try to match your alcohol drinks with water – one to one – one alcohol drink and one glass of water.  It really helps to dilute the effects of the alcohol once it hits your bloodstream.  Do this at home too !  It sounds so simple but it really helps.

How To Eat On Any Festive Day:  Here’s some ideas to get you on the right track.

– Don’t skip your breakfast just stay away from carb heavy breakfasts which will make you feel even more hungry when the dinner is served.  Have some eggs cooked in butter or some salmon with cream cheese.  

– If you are snacking, choose low sugar fruits such as berries and nuts and small chunks of cheese.

– During the main meal, fill up on the roast or turkey and ad lots of vegetables like red cabbage, peas, brussel sprouts, broccoli etc.  You can have some potatoes but make it a spoonful or maximum two.

– Have dessert but have “two bites” or share with a friend.

Keep Active and Move:  Try to not stay busy in the house and get outdoors for 30 minutes each day.  You don’t need to do anything fancy.  Walk.  This will relax the body and clear the mind and help keep the stress at bay.  

Look After Yourself:  It’s easier said than done but don’t make those unrealistic goals for yourself.  This also will apply to exercising, socializing, shopping and preparing meals.  Festive times are not just for overindulging.  It’s also not the best time for dieting.  Just be aware and stay vigilant by limiting your carbs and sugars and give your body what it needs.  Be sensible but relax and enjoy your friends and family.

Allow the bariatric experts to help you if you need support. Please reach out every opportunity you get with every question that you have – it’s not just our work to assist you.  We celebrate in seeing you succeed.

About the Author: Sheri Burke is a Registered Nutritionist and Bariatric Coordinator at International Patient Facilitators in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. She has worked with bariatric surgery patients for 10 years and especially enjoys providing nutritional guidance to pre and post bariatric patients.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two teens.

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