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The New Medical Traveller’s Quick Handbook



Defining the Role of the Facilitation Company ……………….

Factors that Contribute to Medical Travel ……………………

Choosing an IPF Medical Tourism Facilitator Professional  …………………….

Services Provided by IPF (International Patient Facilitators) …………………….


Sheri Burke will be your guide.  She has a background in administrating Surgery Centres in Mexico and was appointed CEO of the company International Patient Facilitators Inc. in 2008 which specialises in the coordination and facilitation ofBariatric Procedures  In Vitro Fertilization, and Cosmetic Procedures in Mexico.  She has worked for nearly a decade providing patients with the education they require to make a well informed decision to travel abroad for medical procedures and has presented at several bariatric informational seminars.  She enjoys assisting medical travels achieve their health goals as a registered Nutritionist and translates research into practical tips for her patients.  

Defining the Role of the Facilitation Company:

The main responsibility of your medical travel facilitator is to ensure that the process of travelling for medical purposes as stress-free and as positive an experience as possible.  The medical facilitator added the medical care travel planning component to their scope and responsibility and that value they add is in the relationship and peace of mind they develop with and for their patients and customers.

Your medical facilitator should provide personalised service to each and every one of their customers.  The facilitator should understand their customer and recognise their medical and travel needs and preferences.  Today with all the impersonal and poor customer service, medical travellers should appreciate the reliability and attention to detail a professional facilitator will bring to the entire medical travel experience.

Factors that Contribute to Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is defined as the process in which patients to seek health care abroad. Healthcare services may range from dental procedures to bariatric surgeries to IVF procedures, to cosmetic procedures. It is a rapidly growing phenomenon spurred on by patients searching for quality, affordability, availability, and accessibility in healthcare. Medical travellers are now able to find outside of traditional healthcare models an adequate, cost effective solution to their medical needs avoiding the rising costs of Healthcare and the recognition of cross-border medical tourism.

Choosing an IPF (International Patient Facilitators)  Medical Tourism Facilitator

A Medical Tourism Facilitator  serves as an intermediary or primary point of contact between patients and health care providers.  It is advisable you choose a facilitator who is Internationally Recognised and Incorporated such as International Patient Facilitators Inc.  

The role of a medical tourism facilitator is two-fold:

1/ Educate potential patients about the various medical facilities and physicians available taking into consideration their needs and expectations.

2/ Manage the flow of information and coordination of services between patients and health care providers due to their well-established business alliances.

Services Provided by IPF (International Patient Facilitators)

We have been assisting Medical Travellers for Over 10 years.

We are one of the most Experienced Medical Travel Facilitation Companies.

We specialise in Medical Travel to Mexico.

Our services are free for you to use. 

We coordinate travel arrangements for patients that may include flights, lodging and transportation

We use highly skilled and board certified surgeons and doctors with specialty accreditations.

We assist you with all the details from beginning to full recovery.

We always respond to all calls, emails, and texts in a very timely fashion.

We can offer you special pricing packages  that are exclusive to us and our patients.

Allow International Patient Facilitators to provide you with the information that you require to make an educated, well researched decision when deciding to travel abroad for Medical Purposes.

Click Here to Continue Your Research and View our Videos and Social Medical Links – Enable yourself to meet and speak directly to our patients over Social Media.  

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