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Why Medical Procedures Cost Less in Mexico

This is a question that many Medical Travelers have in mind when considering traveling to Mexico for a procedure.

There are mainly four reasons to why it is possible to receive better or equal care in Mexico at a much lower cost than at home in the United States and Canada.


The First Reason: Mexico has lower administrative costs and lower labor costs which is obviously driven by an overall lower cost of living. This lower cost of labor, and living, flows through to treatment costs. Lower salaries signifies that the surgeons and doctors do not need to charge as extensively to cover their costs.  

The Second Reason: Insurance costs and malpractice insurance is much lower in Mexico than it is in the United States. This does not signify that the quality of care is lower. It only means that the Mexican culture does not encourage malpractice lawsuits as often as the United States does.

At best, any lawsuit in Mexico would generally result in the patient recovering actual damages and punitive damages are very rarely awarded.

The Third Reason: In the United States, Doctor overhead is around between 50% and 60% but in Mexico it can be as low as 5%. This means by working in multi-specialty clinics, the overhead such as maintenance and rent and staff etc is much lower in Mexico when compared to specialty clinics in the United States.

The Fourth Reason:  In Mexico there is much less paperwork and administration required driving the cost of the overall medical procedures lower.


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