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Free 7 Day Bariatric Meal Plan

I know that meal-planning can be overwhelming.  Doesn’t have to be…..

Who says we can’t repeat meals?  This eliminates food waste and it’s a great way to spend LESS time in the kitchen.

All the portions here are measured out with the “smaller bariatric tummy” in mind.

The meals included here are all high protein and low in carbohydrates.

I prepared this meal plan with a bit of intermittent fasting in mind.  Who says we need to “break our fast” at 8am sharp?  I personally don’t eat before noon.  Sometimes I go for eggs but often I open my eating window with a protein salad.

The caloric intake in this meal plan is low.  Why? I want you to choose a healthy snack to add to this meal plan. You have the space to do so.

If you follow my 7 day meal plan, you will be happy you did.  Adios to all those sugar cravings.  See ya later “swollen gut”.  Buh Bye mid-afternoon sluggishness.





Healthy Hugs,
Sheri Burke RHN
Your friendly neighbourhood bariatric nutritionist.


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