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First Plan of Action After Bariatric Surgery? Reduce Alcohol Consumption!

A cold beer after a rough day at work is relaxing for some.

Bubbly champagne is associated with celebrations—weddings, promotions, parties.

Alcohol is an essential part of our social settings. Gone under the knife recently? If yes, your alcohol consumption should be reduced or limited.

In fact, people living the bariatric way should consider eliminating this from their diet altogether!

There are several reasons to reduce or completely limit alcohol consumption for bariatric patients!

Faster Inebriation with Fewer Drinks

It doesn’t matter if gastric bypass patients limit their alcohol intake. They may not realize but even a few alcoholic drinks can inebriate them, much faster. This happens because alcohol will now travel to the smaller intestine more quickly than it did before surgery. Blood alcohol levels can rise up due to quicker absorption, making drinking dangerous.

Higher Chances of Addiction Substitution

This is an issue that is often overlooked by bariatric patients. Many don’t realize their obesity problem may hide behind a deep seated psychological component.

In fact, there are a lot of cases where patients latch on to food to compensate for something. So patients are more likely to replace food with alcohol after their gastric sleeve surgery. Patients with a history of substance abuse are particularly prone to this behavior.

Limited Alcohol Consumption – Its Many Benefits

Are you counting your calorie intake? Drinking alcohol fills a stomach with empty calories, preventing the organ to absorb important and needed nutrients.

Don’t think about limiting alcohol from your diet. Just do it! These benefits will help sway your mind easier:

Encourages Maximum Weight Loss

There are 85 calories in a glass of red wine. Drinking beer provides 43 ‘empty’ calories meaning there is absolutely zero nutritional value. Consuming alcohol during your period of rapid weight-loss will impede the process, preventing your stomach from getting proper nutrition. Optimal and healthy weight-loss results won’t be achieved.

Ensures You Receive Adequate Protein

Expert bariatric surgeon in Mexico Dr. Verboonen recommends a high protein intake for patients after gastric sleeve surgery.

In fact, protein consumption is important to overall health! Without adequate protein and other essential nutrients, your weight loss will show up as loss of muscle tissue. Protein rich diet ensures that the weight-loss takes place by attacking fat reserves in the body.

Reduces Risk of Dehydration

It is important to drink the recommended amount of water after bariatric surgery. However alcohol consumption makes drinking water secondary, increasing the risk of dehydration.

Since alcohol already increases this risk, patients must prioritize water over alcohol.

Does this mean there is no place for alcohol in the social life of a bariatric patient? Moderate consumption can be allowed in the post-surgical diet, should you choose to drink after your gastric sleeve procedure.

However, this must be done under guidance of your surgeon. Find leading gastric bypass surgeons in Mexico with our help!


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