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Why did I choose a Feb. Salad Challenge? Bariatric Edition

Salad Challenge in February? 
It’s February and I started a challenge last week. I called it, “Sheri’s February Salad Challenge”.
I was looking at my “memories on FB” and up popped a video I made last year called “The February Flash”. It was a 4-day quick challenge of whole, live, fresh, natural, good quality food. It was a 4-day menu of protein and veggies. It was simple and I had a few of my clients reach out to me with their very good results.
I think that in February, people are feeling overwhelmed. It is cold, dark, snowy in some parts, and rainy in others. We have kids to worry about, bills to pay, bosses to please, and significant others who require attention. We are a month post-holidays and even though we had the BEST intentions to workout and eat right in January, well, for a lot of us that just didn’t happen.
February is a perfect place to start. We are halfway through winter and Spring is seriously only a month and a half away. It’s time to start getting our eating back on track and if we are not participating in a regular exercise routine, it’s time to begin. 
Instead of throwing a whole load of bricks at you, all at one time, I’ve decided to break it down into pieces. 
These recipes are designed for the smaller bariatric pouch. The amounts are for an average tummy, about a year post-op (or more). If you are a bariatric new-bee, cut the recipe in half. I don’t want you to overfill the pouch and feel uncomfortable.
February we will start with some good, solid, easy, nutritious, salad recipes. These salads are perfect to make at home and eat fresh. You can also prep them on Sunday for the first part of the week and then prep again mid-week for the rest of the week. They are ideal for a packed lunch also. All you need to do is use a few different containers and then mix them just before you eat. 
All my salads this month have serious flavor and they are low-carb and high protein. They are all between 200 and 300 calories per serving. You can feel really good about these salads and you can impress your friends and family with just how tasty they are. We are making our salad dressings from scratch so you won’t be pulling out any salad dressing bottles. Making your dressing is super simple so let’s “level up” our salad game.
I want you to have four simple salads to add to your life at any time. 
If you are missing one ingredient, then swap it out for something else. Today I went to make the salad from week one and I was out of cucumbers. I swapped the cucumbers for Brussel sprouts. Bingo. It wasn’t as good as the cucumbers but it worked fine. 
In March, I want to tackle breakfast. I want to make some super easy breakfast recipes to get you up, and out of the door in minutes. If you are currently following an intermittent fasting lifestyle and you don’t eat breakfast, don’t worry. These recipes for breakfasts are PERFECT to break-a-fast or for a snack at any time during the day. 
Maybe you don’t eat breakfast but your family does. In this case, you can be up and out the door with some breakfast ideas that are already prepped for them. What a time saver. #winning 
Anyways, I just wanted to explain the methods to my “salad madness” and where all of this is going. We are finishing up the salad challenge with some breakfast ideas and possibly we can do snacks and dinners. Food, food, and more food. It’s my favorite topic so I don’t see why not. 
Here are the first two links to view the first two salads for February. We are only halfway through the February salad challenge at this point so if you are a part of our closed support group, you can follow along with the salad challenge to pick up the last two recipes. If you are not a part of our closed support group yet, you can send a request to join HERE.
Let’s do this! Let’s “level up” our salad-game while increasing our protein intake, and eat more fiber. I feel healthier just writing this 🙂
Here’s to you and “Salad February”!
Sheri Burke RHN

About the Author: Sheri Burke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Bariatric Surgery Coordinator at International Patient Facilitators in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. She has worked with bariatric surgery clients for over 10 years and especially enjoys providing nutritional guidance to pre and post bariatric clients.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two teens and cooking up a nutritional storm in the kitchen.

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