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Weight-Loss Surgery vs. Fad Diets – Why One Works And The Other Doesn’t

Added ‘lose weight’ to your New Year’s resolution? What comes next is a series of searches dedicated to “quick” and “fast weight loss tricks”. Fad diets.

You may have tried one or two in your quest for weight-loss. Or you might be considering making this important lifestyle choice, after getting inspired from celebrities and fitness trainers on Instagram.

It’s good that you have decided to take action to promote weight-loss but will fad diets work in your situation? Do such diets even offer positive and life-long results? Experts weigh in on this matter. The verdict: Fad diets don’t work! Here is why:

Fad Diets Offer Short-Term Results

Most fad diets are designed to be tried for only a short while. This means it’s easy to gain back weight (if it were shed at all) once you stop following it. Also, fad diets don’t change your regular eating habits forever; just for a short time.

Fad Diets Don’t Change Your Eating Behavior

Do you take second helpings of sugary desserts? Can you live without drinking sweet milky tea before bedtime? Do you think greasy burgers and fries taste better than a simple salad?

Losing weight will be a struggle if you don’t change your thinking and behaviors about food. Learning and adopting healthy, lifelong practices (portion control, eating only when you are physically hungry) will pave the way to healthy weight loss.

Fad Diets Are Misleading

Fad diets and some exercises provide misleading claims like “Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 10 Days” and “Detox Your Body in 7 Days”. It’s easy to get sucked in by these claims! After all, who wouldn’t want an easy fix at achieving required weight loss?

However, if you look closely at these gimmicks, you will see these diets aren’t completely true in regards to what they sell.

On the other hand, bariatric surgery offers numerous benefits and positive weight-loss results without the false claims! Some highlighted benefits of weight-loss surgery are:

  • Improved health
  • Control of high cholesterol
  • Reduced sleep apnea
  • Controlled blood pressure
  • Help against diabetes

Improved Quality of Life after Weight-Loss Surgery

In addition to the above highlighted health benefits, undergoing weight-loss surgery can help improve overall mood and psychological health. Seeing as how obesity and rapid weight gain negatively affects our mental state, patients that have chosen this option report decrease in their anxiety and depression, as well as a positive and energetic outlook on life.

There aren’t any studies that show fad diets really work, not for long-term at least. Bariatric surgery on the other hand offers positive, long-term and healthy weight-loss results that can be measured! Interested in having gastric band surgery? Find specialized and affordable bariatric surgeons in Mexico with the help of International Patient Facilitators!

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