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Use a smaller plate ,, and other not so crazy food tricks

Reason your way through your impulse eating and cravings rather than just jumping off the ledge. 

Give these suggestions some consideration. They’ll help you reduce your calorie intake, have greater control and make better choices based on the science of tricking the brain.

Use Small Plates! 

If you put two identical portions of food on a small plate and big plate, the portion on the bigger plate will look smaller, and vice versa. Our brains are truly fooled by this, even when we know they are the same. Stare at the two plates in the photo above. The giant plate is almost empty, a bit of rabbit food… not a fun evening at all! BUT, the Small Portion Plate is filled with lovely goodies… sliced egg and cheese, a great meal.

No Plastic Please

Latest research shows that the weight of the silverware and plate have a significant effect on our appreciation for meals we eat; with heavier plates, knives and forks offering even greater levels of satiety. Who would think that?

Bottom Line

Serve your meals on a small, heavy dish and eat with a heavy fork, spoon and knife. We need gather as much strength on our side to beat this one. Why not try it!

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Make it difficult to eat

While it may look a little silly, when we eat with our opposite hand we eat less. But if you are like me, you’d end up with your steak in your lap. So instead, try using a Japanese soup spoon, chopsticks or a shrimp cocktail fork – anything that slows you down. Slow mindful eating is the goal.

No more TV dinners

We eat almost twice as much when we’re watching television or texting. Try rolling things back to a simpler time – turn off the TV, put the phone in the other room, actually sit at your dining table and enjoy your meal. Take a break for supper time.

Eat with your Nose

Take a deep breath over your food and notice the aroma. Hold your warm bowl in your hands, chew slowly, pay attention to the flavor and texture and you’ll take in fewer calories. Our brains use the amount of sensation we receive from food as a cue to tell us when to stop eating.

The easiest way to lose weight and stay there is to eat foods that promote satiety and keep you full. Master these proven tricks to turn Fatbrain around and get her working with you – on your side – beside you.

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Much success in your journey.

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Dr. Sergio Verboonen and Sheri Burke – Bariatric Coordinator and Nutritionist.

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