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Trust the Pouch

healthy and junk food concept - woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake

Your built in portion control device

Trust your pouch. Let’s chat.

When you first have bariatric surgery and first return home from the hospital, you are tentative and afraid of what comes next – how will it feel when we take those first sips, or bites? Will it hurt? Will I feel full? Will I feel different?

So we start off with clear liquids and sip water, chicken broth, Diet Snapple, jello and everything seems fine, soooo we progress to thicker liquids like strained cream of mushroom soup, yogurt, sugar free pudding, custards, so far so good, so we move on to purees like black bean soup, mashed pinto beans, more pudding, custards, dabble in shrimp salad, and then softer foods like eggs poached in V8, and OH OH WE BEGIN TO PANIC THAT WE DONT FEEL FULLNESS, WE CAN STILL EAT MORE! Did they even do the surgery?

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Chicken Salad Rules ,,,

Once you progress a little further fullness hits you like a ton of bricks – shrimp, fish, chicken, wham!  often mid bite you have to spit out chewed food as you suddenly become too full.

Many post ops that never get over the fear of eating – they eat that single tablespoon or two of food, and never go past it. They stop eating before all the wonderful strong signals manifest themself! They never feel that creeping awareness of satisfaction, or that hiccup signal, or fullness as they stop before these signals come about.

Many who don’t achieve satiety are never full and graze by eating small amounts all day long. Always somewhat filling the pouch but never to satisfaction, which is the strongest feeling we can create for ourselves. I know people who only take three bites of food but repeat it all day long – they don’t gain weight, they still lose – but they never enter that post op zone where you know that you don’t have to worry as long as you choose to eat proteins first. They live in fear and have no comfort that the pouch will stop them.

In addition, when you have it, the feeling of satiety or fullness lasts a very long time once triggered. Once I hit that zone, I don’t want to eat for a very long time. Those who don’t use the pouch fill mechanism are often hungry as they never trigger their own response!

Trust the pouch.  Eat your proteins first and fill your new tiny tummy with good food choices.

Much success in your journey.

International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
On behalf of Dr. Sergio Verboonen
1 800 210 5124 

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