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Think Healthy to be Healthy

Retraining our brains to “think healthy” takes some time and energy and understanding.  Remember, your old habits were not created in one single day and the new habits are going to take some work, time and consistency.  You need to stick it out long enough so that your brain has sufficient time to form the new cycle.  The good news is that we can create new habits with a bit of work and then personalize it just for us.61b99964-e2a6-41c4-8d54-0fb6c7470dbc

Be in the Now – Train your brain to stop running on autopilot and just become more mindful of each thought and action.

Pay Attention to Time – Boredom is a common emotion that people overlook.  Learn to check yourself “in the moment” and replace your unwanted behaviour.

Replace Bad Behaviours – The best way to rid yourself of an unhealthy habit is to replace it with a new one.  Take this opportunity to try out a few new things that you have never been able to do before or get back to old healthy habits which have been left behind.


Start Small – Start with achievable and realistic goals.  If you go “all out” you could give up more easily and get discouraged.

Your bariatric journey is an exciting and unique opportunity for self-care and for carving out new ways of doing things.  We do not form habits in only one day so we are not going to break them in one day either… one day at a time.

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     Dr. Sergio Verboonen

  Much success in your journey.

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