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Taking Care of Yourself Post WLS

Unfortunately many bariatric patients will find themselves in this same predicament.  They have spent so much time preparing for the actual surgery and the build up to it, and they have not thought about “what comes next” and what the body needs to lose weight and to keep it off.  Bariatric surgery is just a tool to aid patients to achieve long term weight loss goals.  Patients need to become their own nutritionists and they need to understand food and why they gained weight in the first place.  If they do not make important changes, they will eventually regain the weight that they lose post operatively.

There is a honeymoon, healing period for the first 6 weeks post operatively. During this timeframe it is extremely important that you follow the post operative guidelines that are given to you by your Patient Facilitator/ Surgeon’s office.  During the healing period, we are less concerned about a patients weight loss and more concerned that they heal well after their surgery.  Patients need to give their bodies time to heal and this vital for a good recovery.

Price list for Bariatric Procedures in Tijuana and Cancun

Every patient loses weight at a different rate so it’s important not to compare your journey to others.  Some patients lose more quickly and others lose more slowly.  Protein will be the key through your entire weight loss surgery journey. You are aiming for 60 to 80 grams of protein per day.  If you do not follow this rule, you will lose muscle mass and feel tired and weak.  You will also lose your hair – so eat your protein please.  Let’s just avoid this altogether.

Stay hydrated – sip sip sip please.  Water is the preferred liquid for all post op bariatric patients but if you have a hard time guzzling your H20, then feel free to add a sugar free flavour to your water.  If you do become dehydrated you are going to feel terrible.  Let’s avoid this – drink up.

If you want to achieve maximum weight loss surgery success, then you are going to have to exercise.  Along with your dietary guidelines, you need to move more.  Don’t discount exercise as less important to you diet.  The two go hand in hand and you need to get up and get going.  Aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise each and every week.  If you slip up one week, just get up and  get going the next week. Don’t allow a week to turn into a month.

Weight loss surgery is only a tool to help you lose the weight and keep it off. You are going to have to work hard to be successful both long and short term.  You need to make the changes necessary to get you where you want to go.  You can do it!

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Much success in your journey.


International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
On behalf of Dr. Sergio Verboonen

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