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Shout Out to Idaho ! – Bariatric Edition

Hi Everybody.  I am your bariatric nutritionist and surgery coordinator.  I had the opportunity this past weekend to fly from Tijuana (San Diego) with Dr. Sergio Verboonen and his wife Dr. Indira Partida,  and I got the chance to meet up with so many of you that have had bariatric surgery with us in the past and so many that are interested in having bariatric surgery in the future.

I may have felt a bit over-whelmed with emotion as I was introduced to people that I know and chat with “virtually” all of the time but I haven’t met them face-to-face before.  A little tear here or there never hurt anybody.  

I want you all to know that your presence meant so much to us and that Idaho was so welcoming with such wonderful, kind people.  We also had the opportunity to go to a wedding and the welcome that we received there was so very warm and joyful.  Idaho sure knows how to throw a party and to dance and have a blast !  Impressive !

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I am the biggest fan of social media because it is our way to hopefully demonstrate our program that exists in both Cancun, and Tijuana, Mexico.  It is our way of trying to bridge two worlds and we believe that true transparency is of the utmost importance.  Photos and videos and social media posts enables us to come into your “screen world” and try to better assist you in making a very difficult but rewarding decision.  

I am feeling so incredibly blessed to have been able to be a part of your weight loss surgery journey.  We have been working with patients from Idaho back before 2010 and this program just keeps on growing and growing.  Thanks for all your support Idaho.  I wish I could have spent more time there with the warm people that I met.  You are all amazing folks !

Sheri Burke
Registered Nutritionist and Lead Surgery Coordinator
International Patient Facilitators and Bariatric Food Expert
1 800 210 5124 . 1 819 230 9763


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