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Myths about In-Vitro Fertilization – Explained

According to a report released by the CDC on Fertility Clinic Success Rates; from the 208,604 assisted reproduction technology procedures (most common of which is IVF) that were procured by patients seeking fertility treatment, 57,323 resulted in live births.

With such a success rate for IVF, more and more people are opting to try this procedure of fertilization.

However, since it has become such a popular option, it is also no surprise that people are becoming concerned about the many myths that surround this technology.

If you have similar concerns about IVF, we at International Patient Facilitators dispel some of the more common issues.

Myths about In-Vitro Fertilization You Should Stop Believing

Myth#1 – IVF should be Your Last Option

Many couples choose IVF as an option when they learn that they cannot conceive the traditional way. In fact, along with IVF, these patients can choose from many ART treatments such as sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy.

Myth#2 – Your Insurance will cover Your IVF Treatment

Sadly, this has not become a reality yet. Many insurers deny paying for infertility benefits, making the patient pay for the procedures. This is why these patients turn to medical facilities in other countries like Mexico so that they can afford the procedure without worrying about their bank account.

Myth #4 – You Have no Control over IVF

IVF is a procedure that pushes your body to become more fertile when you start. This makes many women believe that perhaps they are losing control over their bodies and are not going to be able to control the whole process. This is not the case though.

IVF can make WomenMany patients that opt for IVF can ask their doctors on how they should have an emotional and physical control on their own body functions. One way they can do so is by maintaining a healthy diet and pairing their daily activities with other less traditional relaxing approaches such as meditation and acupuncture.

Myth#5 – IVF can make Women Very Emotional

This is a common myth that doesn’t have much of a basis. The procedure of IVF involves having the patient injected with hormones that are not naturally occurring in their body. However, the hormones injected are actually packed with estrogen, which more often than not, only makes women feel happier than they normally would.

If the patient does display signs of volatile emotions, it is only because she is worried and stressed about the success of the cycle.

Myth#6 – IVF is ALWAYS Successful

The success of IVF depends on several key factors, which we’ve addressed in a previous blog. You need to be below 35 to have at least a 40% change of conception, and the quality of the embryos need to be adequate for the conception to take place.

Myths surrounding IVF are usually because people want to discourage women from choosing it. By dispelling them, we hope we have contributed in helping you make the right decision for your fertility issues.

For clients looking for IVF treatment in Mexico, we offer the very best doctors and trained staff that treats their infertility issues at prices far less than those in the U.S. or Canada. And through their qualification and treatment, many couples and individuals receive positive results.

If you feel like you have a chance of succeeding through IVF treatment, get in touch with us and find out more about our services.

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