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Got Botched Cosmetic Surgery Results Back Home? Repair, Revise and Fix It

They say fame has a price. What they don’t specify is the price famous people have to pay for it.

Most people in Hollywood have reportedly had nips and tucks to give a lift to their careers. Even celebrity icons like Marilyn Monroe had a little work done!

Plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures give people ‘the look’ they have always wanted. However, sometimes things go wrong.

Every year, more than 15.6 million cosmetic procedures take place. Reconstructive procedures are less in number, only about 5.6 million. There is a slight possibility your facelift or cheek implant might go horribly wrong, which is why you should research thoroughly before going under the knife.

Visit a Specialized Mexico Surgeon for Reconstructive Surgery/Revision

International Patient Facilitators will help you find an accredited Mexican cosmetic surgeon or practice that specializes in fixing botched surgery. It’s important to know not all botched cosmetic surgeries are due to surgeon’s mistake.

Some plastic and aesthetic surgeries are more complex than others, causing the body to place a natural limitation on result. You may have to look for a qualified cosmetic surgeon for the following surgeries gone wrong.

Swollen Lips

Many women have been inspired by the Kardasians, especially Kylie Jenner and Kim K. Many have had their lips injected with enhancers to emulate Kylie Jenner’s voluptuous lips! Swollen lips and a lopsided mouth are the result.

Asymmetric Breasts

Droopy breasts are the result of a botched breast augmentation procedure. Not only do droopy breasts ruin a body’s shape but can make life difficult regarding clothing. Cosmetic surgeons in Mexico are equipped to fix droopy breasts resulting from a previous breast augmentation procedure.

Wrinkling Breast Implants

This can be seen over the breast tissue, especially when you bend. What causes rippling and wrinkling of breast implants?

  • Under-filling/overfilling breast implant
  • Poor amount of breast tissue coverage
  • Wrong placement of breast implant

Botched Nose Job

Each year, nearly 15 million nose surgeries go wrong in the United States. In addition to cosmetic reasons, people dealing with breathing problems choose rhinoplasty revision. This is done by taking cartilage from the ear and skin (from scalp).

Leakage in Breast Implant

Implant leakage can cause fibrous tissue inflammation or formation of scar tissue. Here is how you will know of leakage in your breast implant:

  • Lumps
  • Swelling or pain in breast
  • Changes in breast shape or size
  • Hardening or softening

Paying for revision cosmetic surgery at a U.S. practice might put a dent in your wallet especially without medical insurance. International Patient Facilitators can help you find an affordable yet accredited cosmetic specialist to bring your body back to how it should have been. Fill the given medical form now.

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