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How Gastric Sleeve Surgery Will Affect You – A Patient’s Guide

If you’re considering a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico for your weight loss, you need proper guidance and instruction so you can approach this treatment with complete knowledge of its effects and long-term benefits.

How Gastric Sleeve Works

Gastric sleeve involves the removal of a portion of your stomach. This removal reduces the stomach size and makes you feel full soon after eating. The removal also reduces hunger-causing hormones to be secreted, which therefore causes the patient to feel less hungry in general.

Preparation for this procedure is crucial if you want the weight-loss treatment to work. 2 weeks before surgery, a doctor establishes a pre-surgery diet regimen which patients have to stick to. This regimen balances the intake of specific nutrients. The diet includes food that:

  • Lowers carb intake
  • Increases protein
  • Increases vegetable intake
  • Limits sugar intake
  • Increases liquid and fluids

The diet is limited further until 12 hours before the procedure, to the point where the patient cannot take any food or drink, neither can they smoke tobacco. The goal of this surgery is to help the patient lose as much weight as possible. Therefore, certain lifestyle changes are essential.

The Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Many benefits outline the overall purpose of gastric sleeve surgery. The benefits include:

Reduction in Hunger

When a portion of the stomach is removed, that automatically limits the production of the hunger-inducing hormone Ghrelin. That in turn, reduces the rate of hunger one usually has. And that aids in weight loss. The lesser the hunger, the less you’d need to satisfy it.

No Dumping Syndrome

Dumping syndrome is quite unpleasant, even if it is a good tool to reinforce favorable eating habits. With this procedure, there’s no fear of dumping syndrome, since the pylorus remains intact. This allows the sugars to digest and your intestines are not bothered.

Effective Weight Loss

With gastric sleeve, significant weight loss occurs gradually over the course of 18 months. It is quick, and the majority usually occurs in the first year, giving you enough of an incentive to stick to your diet. With other procedures, weight loss takes time. This is why many patients prefer gastric sleeve surgery instead.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

The best way to benefit from gastric sleeve surgery is by finding the right clinical team and facility to perform your procedure. In comparison to the facilities offered in the US, your best bet is to go with a hospital in Mexico.

International Patient Facilitators locates some of Mexico’s best surgical teams to aid your treatment. Contact us by emailing us at and inquire about this gastric sleeve procedure.

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