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Food Prep Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery

Meal planning, wow – we know we have to get it done but it can be such a drag.  You need to sit down and go over different recipes, then write up a meal plan and make a shopping list ,,, finally we get to the grocers and it’s already been hours of prep !  we still need to pay for the food, get it home, get it all unpacked and then the work really begins.  Who wants to cook and prep after that ?

The whole process can be less time consuming and can become a form of artwork.  What’s the good news ?  Well, it gets easier over time and can make your “food life” more enjoyable and more simple.  There are a bunch of ways to plan your meals.  Just half the fight is to determine which system works best for you.  

Below are a few ways to meal plan – take it, mold it, share it and make it your very own!

Let’s Plan Our Meals.

Make one day a week your date to plan your meals on paper and make a different day the day to do the groceries.  This can prevent feeling overwhelmed with doing the process all in one day.  For example, if Sunday is your day to do your groceries, make Thursday or Saturday your day to write the menus.

On the big meal planning day, create a “dinners only” or “lunch only” menu. Why ?  Well, trying to look at each and every meal for a whole week is overwhelming because that is 21 meals to think about.  That’s a lot of menus to create.  If you focus on only dinners, lunch can be leftovers or something fast you know you like such as a pre-cooked chicken with fresh green peas.

It’s a great suggestion to sit down to Pinterest or Google to find bariatric friendly recipes.  Focus on the highest quality proteins and non-starchy vegetables.  When you get home with all your fresh healthy food, place your meal plan with the grocery list on the fridge – so you remember your healthy plan and exactly what you are going to prep.

If you cannot see yourself sitting down and doing a meal prep plan, there is always the option of purchasing pre-written menu plans.  Make certain that they are low carb and are post op bariatric specific meals in order to reach your goals.  


We have created menus and recipe ideas plus much more Visit this link for more information !

Do I qualify for Bariatric Surgery ?

Nobody said it was going to be easy but I promise you it’s worth it !

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Much success in your journey.

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