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Easing Into Change Before Bariatric Surgery

Lifestyle Changes and Bariatric Surgery

While most candidates for bariatric surgery accept that there will be many changes to be made after their bariatric surgery, few recognize that beginning those changes before surgery will greatly assist in the transition to their new life.  By starting the transition process right now, you can gradually make adjustments in your diet, exercise and way of thinking that will make any radical adjustments because of your surgery unnecessary.

Your lifestyle refers to your daily habits. The activities you choose to engage in and your overarching attitude. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that incorporates healthier eating strategies is different from going on a diet. Most diets are looked at as temporary, but the changes you make in your life after bariatric surgery are permanent.

Making behavioral changes and developing healthier habits will help you create a healthier way of life for yourself, which encourages long-term weight loss success. Prior to your bariatric surgery date, try incorporating as many of these changes as possible into your lifestyle.

In addition to changing the foods you eat by making healthier choices, it will help you to make changes to the way you think about and interact with food. You can start working on this long before your surgical date so that you are mentally prepared for the dietary changes that come after bariatric surgery.

Exercise doesn’t always happen at the gym. How often you move around is much more connected to your behavioral habits than your fitness routine. While planning to exercise for 30 minutes a day is great, you can incorporate more activity into your life by making changes in your behavioral habits.

Planning ahead and starting early are keys to success when it comes to preparing for your bariatric surgery. 

Bariatric Options:                                                       Medical Form

Gastric Balloon                                                        
Lap Band
Mini Gastric Bypass
Full Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Plication Surgery
Conversion or Revision Surgery
Duodenal Switch Surgery

dr. sergio verboonen
              Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Much success in your journey.

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