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Calling All Bariatric Patients

Allow us to share some information with you.

The details you need to know


We have been performing weight loss surgery for over 17 years. Our surgeon is Dr. Sergio Verboonen in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. Dr. Verboonen is one of the most experienced and leading bariatric surgeons in the world. He has performed over 10.000 procedures. At the bottom of this message, you’ll find more information about our surgeon, our hospital, your itinerary, links to testimonials from previous patients, and more. Please be in touch with us and ask us any questions you may have as you prepare for your surgery. We will be more than welcome to provide you with all the information to help you make the best decision.

Below you will find details about our Gastric Surgery packages. You will see that there are no hidden fees and everything is clearly explained for your convenience.

What’s Included? Everything for your surgery is included in the price. You will need only to pay for your airfare.  You will need a valid passport.

All ground transportation. We will pick you up in San Diego, and we will drive you back to the San Diego airport to fly home after you recover.

Pre-Operatory Tests: EKG, X-Ray, Blood tests, etc., are all included in your price.

1 nights in our surgery center and the remaining night at the Grand Hotel

Surgery Center Fees.

Surgeons Fees.

Anesthesiologist Fees.

24 hour telephone care for question and concerns.

Dr. Sergio Verboonen has his own surgery centre and an infection rate of less than 0.01%.  Dr. Verboonen has performed approximately 10,000 bariatric procedures and is among the best and most experienced bariatric surgeons in the world.

Reserve your date with a $600.00

Remainder of balance ($3,900.00) due the same day as your surgery:Please let us know if you have any questions or would like more information, or if you are ready to book your surgery and make your initial deposit. We’re here to help you achieve your goal and become a new and healthier you.

You may email or call us to discuss more, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Congratulations on your decision to reach out to us, you made a good choice!

Much success in your journey.

International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
On behalf of Dr. Sergio Verboonen
1 800 210 5124 

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