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Burn More Fat – Bariatric Edition

We all want to ramp up our metabolism to become a fat burning machine.  In order to do that, there are a few things that you can do that are easy to follow and they will increase your caloric burn.

Eat More Protein:  This is a great reminder to eat more foods that contain higher amounts of protein.  When you get more protein in your day, you will begin to have better energy.  If you have better energy, it also means that you have a better metabolic rate and this is going to help you to burn more calories and fat throughout the day.  Protein is a catalyst for lean muscle building and the more muscle you have, the more calories and fat you are going to burn throughout the day.  When looking to increase protein, turn to nuts, seeds, chicken, seafood, turkey and even some vegetables.

Eat Your Breakfast:  If you have time to only cook one meal a day, make it breakfast.  Get the energy you need for the day plus get your engine revved.  If you eat a satisfying meal first thing in the morning, your cravings will be reduced for the rest of the day and your appetite will be better controlled.  For the first meal of the day, include protein rich foods such as eggs, or a blended protein shake.  This will ramp up your fat burning engine.

Change your Exercise Patterns:  So doing the exact same workout over and over again is a big mistake that many people make.  If you want to burn fat and lose weight, you need to do something different.  Stalls and plateaus result not only from eating the same thing over and over again but also from working out the exact same way each time.  Try a bit of circuit training or add some intervals to your cardio routine (HIIT).  Instead of just going for your regular power-walk, add in a day of weight training.  If you work different muscles, you will burn more fat over time.

Pass The Cold Water:  We all know that we should drink more water but even better – drink cold water.  The more cold that water you drink is, the more it will raise your metabolism.  Keep a large pitcher in your fridge in order to have it on hand and to reduce the waste of plastic bottles.  You can also infuse your water with lemons or berries to make it more fun and favorable to drink.

Sheri Burke

About the Author: Sheri Burke is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Bariatric Surgery Coordinator at International Patient Facilitators in Tijuana and Cancun, Mexico. She has worked with bariatric surgery clients for over 10 years and especially enjoys providing nutritional guidance to pre and post bariatric clients.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two teens and cooking up a nutritional storm in the kitchen.

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