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Bariatric Surgery Post Op food Choices

lets discuss a few realities post op

Make Smart Choices Please

If you are overweight, obese or morbidly obese and you believe that you eat the same foods as your naturally slim friends, it is a relatively sure bet that you are mistaken. I know this is harsh but it’s the truth. Being ‘naturally’ slim is not just by design, it’s also by the preferences they have and choices they make that sometimes seem effortless to those of us who struggle with weight. Studies show that people who are slim don’t look for reasons to indulge and keep a similar schedule by consuming moderate or lower calorie foods day in and day out.

The glaring reality is that obese people DO make poor choices – some of these foods are calorie dense, while others are naturally large and hard to eat in smaller portions. Some are BOTH high in calories and difficult to consume in daintier amounts.

It’s no surprise that folks who eat these foods on a regular basis, pack on and maintain heavier body weights. The solution is awareness, portion control and simply choosing foods that taste as good that are not so high in calories. We have to first see it and then work to change it.

Do I qualify for Bariatric Surgery in Mexico

8 Foods that overweight people tend to choose every day:

1/ Fancy Coffee Drinks, 2/ Bagels, 3/ Cream Cheese, 4/ Salad Dressing, 5/ Processed Carbs, 6/ High Calorie Beverages, 7/ Chips and Crackers 8/ Chinese Foods

Old habits die hard but they are just habits. Tastes can be retrained but we first have to come to terms and accept that it IS within our control and we DID cause our own obesity. Bariatric surgery is just a tool to use to help us get out from under the burden of 100 pounds or more but after that it’s up to us. After the ‘Honeymoon Period’ where weight loss is automatic, we are driving the car and need to use the surgically created tool to stay on the highway. Know what you are eating and think as to whether or not that 500 calorie creamed spinach would make you that much happier than 70 calorie grilled asparagus. Which one would your naturally slim friend choose?

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