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Bariatric Surgery: do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Bariatrics, Risk vs Reward 


  • Obesity prevalence is the highest it has ever been. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that more that one-third of adults are affected. And with the increase in obesity comes an increase in the number of bariatric surgery procedures. But how safe are the procedures, and do the benefits outweigh the risks?
  • There is no doubt that obesity is a major cause of a number of serious and potentially life-threatening diseases.
  • The condition can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and it has also been linked to some cancers including breast cancer and colon cancer. Furthermore, the condition can severely damage a person’s quality of life, leaving them immobile and often triggering depression.
  • Based on these factors, it is not difficult to understand why overweight individuals look to various interventions in order to combat their condition. Bariatric Surgery is now one of the most common interventions to which these individuals turn.


    Before committing to bariatric surgery, understand that long-term success depends on the ability to make permanent lifestyle changes – Some of these changes include, healthy eating, regular exercise and taking supplements.
  • People who undergo bariatric surgery need to fully understand the risks that any surgery pose.  Patients who do undergo bariatric surgery can experience significant improvements in diabetes and other health measures.

Bariatric Options:                                                       Medical Form

Gastric Balloon                                                        
Lap Band
Mini Gastric Bypass
Full Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Plication Surgery
Conversion or Revision Surgery
Duodenal Switch Surgery

dr. sergio verboonen
              Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Much success in your journey.

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