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Bariatric Pre.op Diet

Almost all patients are going to be nervous and stressed prior to a bariatric procedure in Mexico. Naturally we all love to eat. Even if we can drink all our nutrients through a straw, who would want to ? Many patients are “stress eaters” so “not eating” when they are stressed and anxious before bariatric surgery, makes things even a bit harder to comprehend.

Let’s talk now about the Infamous Pre Op Diet

Ultrasound based studies have proven that liver shrinkage does occur after the liver shrinking diet is performed. All the more reason to follow the guidelines as an engorged liver will make your surgeons job a lot easier and safer.

A lot of patients are diabetes so controlling blood surgery and caloric intake through the liquid diet will improve these conditions. If blood sugar is controlled, this decreases the risk of infection post op.

Patients are often found to have hernias. Bariatric surgeons can and will repair these hernias but enlarged livers can get in the way of the repair. Basically your surgeon can and will do a better job if you have followed the pre.op diet and your liver is out of the way.

Patients who are extremely obese, will be on an extended pre.op diet prior to surgery. The maximum is generally 3 weeks and the average patient will follow a 10 day pre op diet.

We need to understand that the pre.op diet is not to torture you, but it is to ensure that your surgery is a success with less chances for any complications to occur. Here is a sample of the pre.op diet which we require patients to follow prior to surgery.


Bariatric Options:                                                       Medical Form

Gastric Balloon                                                        
Lap Band
Mini Gastric Bypass
Full Gastric Bypass
Gastric Sleeve
Gastric Plication Surgery
Conversion or Revision Surgery
Duodenal Switch Surgery

dr. sergio verboonen
              Dr. Sergio Verboonen

Much success in your journey.

International Patient Facilitators – Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico
On behalf of Dr. Sergio Verboonen

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